Busting a Mining Op

Kill count:
Retriever x3



Orca Ransomed for 250m

Operation: Success

FRAPS didn’t record my incredibly sexy voice, probably because it was too awesome, so you get to listen to me key up a lot and him act like he’s talking to himself.


11 thoughts on “Busting a Mining Op

  1. Widdershins says:

    In some versions of fraps, particularly newer ones, if you check the box to “Record external input” and select your microphone we’ll hear you too. Otherwise, it only records what comes out of the speakers. Do that and turn off the beep, that should work (works for me). Unless you don’t want your voice to show up in the video, in which case this is fine.

    Some brotips:

    Always go for the pods right away.

    Use hotkeys to sic drones.

    Do what you did to get all his money like that, that was good, but kill him anyway when he finally gives it up. If they were dumb enough to let you into the corp, they won’t have done enough research to know you won’t honour it. That way, you’ll get the isk AND the rage that comes along with the kill, not to mention everything that drops from it.

    Watching this, I’m honestly amazed you didn’t kill him. He bullshitted and lied to you about having no money for the longest time, and went round and round first begging for mercy and then threatening and then talking about how much he didn’t care at all… he deserved it 100%, and the ragemad when he died and talked about siccing “an entire alliance” on you would have been glorious. Seriously, it doesn’t get better than that, unless they actually DO send an alliance after you and you get to kill those wankers too.

    All in all I loved it, made me feel young again. Keep this good shit up, and always learn from your mistakes.

  2. Evil brotip:

    Get them pissed. And I mean MAD AS ALL HELL.

    What you want them to do is grab their best combat ships (this will usually be a PVE fit with a point …. sometimes without a point) and come at you. They can’t kick you from corp in space, so you want to be all “HHAHAHAHAH YOU WILL NEVER MINE AGAIN!!!” (etc)

    You do this because they will be TERRIBLE to a level that is hard to imagine. Get some remote reps on yourself (i.e., this should be a surprise) and go to town.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome. ^^

  4. Anonymous says:

    pretty sure you can be kicked while in space atm, one of CCP’s undocumented changes.

    • Widdershins says:

      There are ways this can happen, but not while you are actively aggressing.

      The exact situations in which this is possible are not documented, and strangely enough CCP game masters are completely opaque about the issue. So far they have categorically refused to divulge the parameters, which is completely counter to all my experience with their policies in the past.

      tl;dr only sometimes, and nobody I know has the faintest clue how you can find out when.

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