Sub Zero

As we all know, most victims of scams are, to put it bluntly, less intelligent than others. However, believe it or not, there is something that I like to call the “Stupidity Threshold”. Anyone below this threshold is so dumb that it actually makes it difficult for them to be scammed. Also, marks who are Sub Zero can also induce serious mental stress on the scammer, causing severe head trauma is rare cases. Prolonged exposure to these people is considered unwise, and often leads to lasting effects such as a decrease in mental capacity.

> that will take 3 days it was 4 but i let it train for 1 day so now its only 3

Only basic math skills are prevalent in these marks, and some of them feel so accomplished when the solve simple functions that they feel the need to tell you about it. Actually, they feel the need to tell you about everything, such as CCP redoing rookie ships or what they had for lunch that day. If I was a doctor, the best advice I would give is to leave these people alone. Their ISK is not worth it, and it will seriously ruin your day when they finally figure out how to contract you the Orca for zero ISK, only to have it public and snatched up in 0.003 seconds.


At least he got this step right

After several weeks (I started working on this mark immediately after my last post, to give you a gauge at how much time I wasted on this) I finally managed to get some ISK out of him. I didn’t get anywhere close to what I wanted, but some ISK is better than no ISK. The original plan was to convince the guy to buy a Rorqual so we could pay him to haul our stuff around instead of some made-up third party. After waiting week after week for him to finish training all the inexpensive skills for it, we decided to finally pull the trigger on it. Logging in once a day to make sure he didn’t run off like some sort of pet got really tiring after a while. We had his API, so as soon as he managed to get enough ISK we were going to grab it from him. However. He bought 6 PLEX, which sounds good, right? Well, he actually managed to lose all of his ISK before our API key even updated. 3 Billion ISK gone in less than an hour to really stupid shit too. Granted, 1 billion was for skillbooks, but the rest went to random crap. How do you spend 3 billion ISK in less than an hour and be OK with that? I hate spending ISK and I have tons of it! Luckily for us, he hadn’t injected his Capital Industrial Ships skillbook yet, and his Armageddon Navy Issue contract didn’t sell, or else the original 2 billion ISK scam would have only yielded 400 million. In the end, the total profits were about 1.4 billion ISK and we sent him on a mission to VFK, our “HQ”.

Remember kids, if you suspect your mark of being the dumbest motherfucker on the face of the earth, sometimes it’s just not worth the headache of dealing with them. It’s just not worth it…



> god dam i lost advanced spaec ship commands 5

Now I just feel bad 😦


2 thoughts on “Sub Zero

  1. Widdershins says:

    Why would you feel bad? 😐

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