Beep [BEEP]!

It’s been a while since I murdered a whole bunch of miners. Being busy stealing billions of ISK does have its drawbacks, but what better way to get back into the sport than murdering some of Issler Dainze’s own members? For those of you who don’t follow eve-politics much, Issler Dainze is one of the CSM7 members, and  is notorious for being a huge bitch and openly criticizing The Mittani on the EVE-O forums, and telling him to step down. In total, I killed 4 Hulks, 3 pods, an Orca, then went back the next day (they gave me roles, hilariously) and killed an Osprey

"Didn't want that entire mining fleet anyway"

Because I’m hilariously bad at EVE, I forgot to use my “Shoot Blues” overview tab and clicked on all my modules instead of hotkeys. Still, though, I killed all of them except one Hulk that escaped, presumably fit with a warp core stabilizer. Unfortunately, the Orca didn’t pay a ransom, but the corp was kicked out of the alliance after linking all the killmails to Issler and saying “The Mittani sends his regards” in chat. Works every time.


2 thoughts on “Beep [BEEP]!

  1. badbadsnipey says:

    Quality post as always. Keep em coming !

  2. Searsy says:

    Lololololol stumbled across your blog today and can I say your my fucking hero!!!

    Keep up the good work sir, eve is a better place with people like you around 🙂

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